Rosewood Health and Rehab

We know it’s difficult leaving your home, but if you have to, we invite you to experience our home at Rosewood Health and Rehab and why we think you will love it here.

Short Term Rehab

When going home is not the best option, let us help you get stronger. In addition to being licensed by the state of Missouri, we provide 24 hour nursing care and take care of your meals, laundry and housekeeping so you can focus on getting stronger.

Treatments to help you:

  • orthopedic | joint replacements, fractures
  • cardiac care | heart attack, bypass surgery, congestive heart failure and heart disease
  • neurological | stroke, brain injury
  • pulmonary | chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) pain management
  • balance | vertigo, light-headedness and disequilibrium (being off balance)
  • home evaluations | to help you and your family with safety concerns when returning home

Amenities & Services: to make you feel at home.

  • private and semi-private suites
  • cable TV, local phone and wireless internet access at no charge to you
  • the family coffee corner, providing coffee and snacks all day in a spacious lounge
  • private dining for rehab residents
  • outdoor mobility courtyard
  • guest suites available for your family and friends (additional fee)
  • transportation to and from doctor appointments
  • full service salon (additional fee)

Therapies we offer:

  • Traditional
  • Physical
  • Occupational
  • Speech
  • Outpatient

Manual Therapy

A therapeutic approach utilizing specific hands-on techniques to help increase range of motion; flexibility, reduce or eliminate soft tissue  inflammation; facilitate relaxation and improve balance and postural alignment.

    • Myofascial Release Certified

A mild and gentle form of stretching of fascia, the connective tissue system of the body that goes from head to toe. Fascia surrounds all organs, every other tissue including nerves, vessels, muscle and bone. When fascia hardens or scars (from injury, inflammation, disease, surgery, etc.), it can put tension on close structures. Releasing the fascia in an area of injury will improve circulation and mobility.

  • MyoKinesthetics
  • Muscle Energy Techniques


Holistic Approach to Balance
  • assessment of the three balance systems: Vision, Somato-Sensory, and Vestibular
  • treatment to strengthen the impaired system to bring it into balance
  • treatment to strengthen the intact system to compensate and increase independence
Dementia Management
  • staging
  • education and training to compensate in the community and maximize function in structural setting.


Aqua therapy helps with:

  • arthritis | strengthening, balance training and pain relief
  • joint surgery | early weight bearing, swelling control, range of motion and strength
  • spinal patients | helps with core stabilization, reduced weight bearing and pain control
  • overall strengthening and conditioning and balance and gait training
Long Term Care

Long term care placement is a tough decision sometimes. At Rosewood Health and Rehab we want to make it easier for you. For some peace of mind, we’ve been providing senior care in the community for over 60 years. We are licensed through the state of Missouri and have 24 hour nursing care. Every bed is certified for Medicare and Medicaid. Even if finances change, we participate in assistance programs that can allow you to stay right here with us; we make it easier for you. We take care of your meals, laundry and housekeeping so you can enjoy being you. Make a new friend or join the activities of the day.

Amenities & Services:
  • spacious private and semi-private rooms (all medicare/medicaid certified)
  • a beautiful courtyard, chapel and chaplain on site
  • enhanced dining services, with several alternatives available daily
  • a menu created by a Registered Dietitian
  • transportation to and from doctor appointments (in Independence)
  • activities and events
  • daily housekeeping and laundry service (except dry cleaning)
  • 24-hour nursing care and medication administration
Additional Services and Amenities (additional fee):
  • full service salon
  • physical, occupational, speech and aquatic therapy
  • physician, psychiatry, dental (dentist and hygienist)
  • podiatry and optometry services
  • guest suites available for your family and friends

Alzheimer’s/Dementia Care:

When your loved one needs a higher level of care due to an Alzheimer’s or Dementia diagnosis, we are here to offer four levels of care based on their needs. Appropriate placement provides your loved one with a safe environment, specialized programming and activities for each level of care. Our secure, outdoor courtyard is welcoming as well. Physical, occupational and speech therapy are also available.

  • 100 bed secure unit
  • four levels of care based on progression of symptoms:
    • Angel Alleya offers specialized care and services for the early stages of Alzheimer’s or related dementia with an elopement risk.
    • 2 South offers specialized care and services for early to moderate progression.
    • 2 North offers specialized care and services for moderate to late progression.
    • Hummingbird Hall offers focused care and services of the cognitively-impaired that may have individualized needs.
  • specialized programming and activities for each level of care
  • a spacious courtyard